Cookies can be purchased by the pound in tins or Cookie Couture's classic clear bag. 

Chocolate chunk, sliver, and chip filled cookie with toasted walnuts.  This crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside cookie gets its depth of flavor from undertones of coffee.

Finely chopped almonds give this buttery dough crunch and a light nutty flavor.  Powder Me Almond gets its name from its velvety powdered sugar coating.

This light yet flavorful butter cookie is marked by a generous dollop of fruit preserves before it is baked to a golden brown hue and the jam has caramelized. 

Not your traditional rugelach, Ruguh-LOVE's flakey dough endlessly wraps around pillows of fruit preserves and nuts, chocolate, and so much more, to create a multi-layered inside to this cinnamon and sugar crusted cookie.


Tiers of graham cracker crust, toasted coconut, walnuts, and semi-sweet chocolate chips are doused in our special glazing syrup to give the cookie its desirous bite. 

Ruguh-LOVE Flavors:

Apple of My Pie
  Traditional apple pie served in a not so
  traditional way.

Man, What a Pecan
  Give thanks every day that pecan pie has
  found a warm abode in our Ruguh-LOVE

Hazy Daze
  Hazelnut spread + toasted hazelnuts +
  Ruguh-LOVE dough.  We'll leave it at that.

Almond the Dough
  Go ahead, fatten up...your pockets.  You
  can't help but feel richer after bitting into
  this marzipan coated Ruguh-LOVE
  loaded with toasted almonds and almond
  pie filling.


PB&J Our Way
  This ain't Sally's Thursday lunch.  It's
  roasted salty peanuts' love child with
  French jam.  They be jamming and
  making PB&J sandwiches real jelly.

  This cookie will have you singing, "come
  on baby light my fire" all night long.  This
  Ruguh-LOVE flavor is just a campfire
  short of perfection: crunchy graham
  crackers and bittersweet chocolate chunks
  ooze vanilla bean marshmallow.

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